Citect SCADA


Electro 80 engineered Western Australia’s first Citect SCADA system back in the late 1980’s, in a demanding mining and materials handling application.

Today, Electro 80 is a Citect Platinum System Integrator, the highest accreditation awarded by Citect and is recognised as one of WA’s leading providers of Citect based SCADA engineering solutions. Electro 80 clients benefit from the knowledge of staff with Citect experience dating back to the late 1980’s and the original version 1.00 through to the latest versions with experience in some of the most demanding SCADA applications.

This tradition has continued through to the latest Citect Plant2Business and Plant2Net products, with Electro 80 having engineered WA’s first installation in late 2001.

In June 2005, Electro 80 was among the very select group of invited Citect integration partners to attend training on Citect Industrial Information Management (IIM) suite and are currently working on a number of well developed IIM opportunities.

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