Industrial IT Systems


The key performance driver of any Industrial IT solution is the communication layer and network infrastructure. Industry Ethernet forms the basis of any plant automation and control system and can determine whether your automation and control system can meet the growing needs of your business.

The core components of an Industrial Ethernet network are:

  • Network Switches, Routers and Firewalls
  • Network Redundancy and Robustness
  • Wireless links for remote or mobile plant and equipment
  • Multiple Services converged on to a single network capable of transporting Inter PLC communication, SCADA/HMI, CCTV and VoIP applications.
  • Convergence has allowed the production network to take advantage of technologies that have been available to office networks and are now well proven.
  • Quality of those Services carried on the network

We are able to provide complete turnkey solutions encompassing the design and support of equipment, through to installation and commissioning, to operations support and training.

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