Machine Safety


Machine safety is centred on a simple premise – Ensuring people are safely able to contribute to the organisation’s goals. Keeping people safe while using plant and equipment can be
as simple as an appropriate barrier between your workers and the equipment. Today’s machines that use complex control systems, push the boundaries of manufacturing and require safety to be engineered from the design stage rather than being an after thought. Even with simple guarding requirements, what is deemed to be a reasonably practicable solution?

Electro 80 is an established national organisation that can help you move forward with your machine guarding requirements and continue to support you through our people focused engineering rather than product based solutions. Our engineers have experience in functional safety, machine safety, work health and safety, control systems and mechanical guarding  We listen to your needs and
drawing on our significant resources, can develop machine guarding solutions that are customised to your specific needs.

While Electro 80 does have industry alliances, our diverse team has experience with many control system vendors, therefore any safety control system will be designed to be best in class. Should your organisation have a preferred vendor we are happy top work to your standard and if you are open to alternatives, our diverse experience will help you discover alternate solutions.

Many organisations find assessing risk of plant and equipment challenging. Electro 80 can simplify the process of risk assessment (AS4024.1201:2014 or ISO 12100-1:2010) by assisting your
organisation understand risk requirements, how to meet legislative obligations and how much risk reduction is enough. Electro 80 can do this through:

  • Performing risk assessments of your
  • General plant assessments – providing general baseline helping your
    organisation to manage risk wisely.
  • Leading or providing expert advice to your own risk assessments

While Electro 80 has a focus on safety control systems through AS4042.1501 and AS4024.1503, we recognise that some plant and equipment can be safely managed through fixed guarding AS4024.1601. Our engineers can provide guidance on:

  • Determining if fixed guarding is appropriate; Considering harmonised
  • Selecting the correct size fixed guarding for your existing machines or new

It is important that the engineering of machinery results in a plant that is inherently safe. This requirement is a national initiative of Safe Work Australia. Electro 80 can help your organisation with its due diligence throughout the design process. Machine safety is evolving, with newer and evolving European standards having growing influence on local standards.

  • Design of safety control systems, including electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic (AS4024.1501 and AS4024.1503)
  • Design reviews of safety systems
  • Retrofitted Design Concepts

During the design of your machine, it is important to consider how it will be tested to ensure it is safe and more importantly remains safe throughout its life. This is highlighted through legislative requirements Verification and validation of the safety related parts of the machine, through AS 4024.1502 is a critical consideration. If your company has not considered the validation process, Electro 80 can provide assistance in this area.

  • Validation plans for new machines
  • Validation plans for re-manufactured machines
  • Validation audits of complex equipment ensuring the safety control system operates as designed
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